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Arsoluta is the first virtual space where it is possible to discover, dialogue and collaborate with artists from all over the world, while exhibiting, buying and selling works of art, without exclusivity constraints and with minimal commissions.

It is a platform specifically dedicated to non-digital visual artists (painters, engravers, sculptors). It stands out from the existing social networks, gallery sites and portals on contemporary art because it is specific, open, free and because it contains many innovative features that ensure a safe and unique experience.

Its purpose is to remove the limits and barriers that prevent the full and free development of contemporary visual arts. This goal lies at the foundation of the project, and it is engraved with the name: in fact, Ars soluta in Latin means "art without constraints", independent, and free.

  1. Geographically

    The works exhibited on the platform are visible all over the world, and interactions and collaborations are encouraged between artists, galleries, institutes and the public on an international level.

  2. Economically

    The use of the platform is free: the works can be exhibited and explored; connections, groups or events can be created without charge.
    If the artist wishes to sell a work on the platform, he can do it directly and with minimal commissions.

  3. Politically

    Artists will never be subject to any form of censorship.

  4. Due to third parties

    Artists will be able to manage their works, networks and sales in an immediate and autonomous way, and the public and galleries will be able to explore them without the need for intermediaries.

  5. In relations with the community

    Works and artists are visible without the evaluation of other users, in order to guarantee a personal and free experience and to avoid the "herd behaviour". The decision to open discussions about a work is left to the author's will.

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